The Boiling Brain Pot
Dealing with the Mafia

Dealing with the Mafia


Godfather is sitting behind a table in a big room. Hit man enters and walks up to the table.

Godfather- So youre here for the job ?

Hit man- (Nods his head)

Godfather- Ive got this guy named Jimmy Got to catch a toea And hes been giving me a hard time. What I want you to do is go and take care of him for me okay?

Hit man- Why, is he sick or something ? Hes got the flu ? Poor guy must be sicker than a dog.. You Don't want me to wipe his ass do you??

Godfather- No, no, no, I want you to take him out.

Hit man- Take him out where? The movies, golfing, dinner,...You dont want me to take him dancing do you ?

Godfather- No, no! Pay him back his credit in full chips.

Hit man- Ah poker, haven't played that in years

Godfather- No, Take him for a ride!

Hit man- Oh ! no problem... Where to?, its a big city you know...

Godfather- Listen here. You know that movie with Arnold Shwarzenegger, when hes that big huge robot, and hes running and jumping and he says " Hasta la Vista Baby"

He terminates people...

Hit man- The Terminator ?

Godfather- Yea, have you seen it ?

Hit man- No but I heard that it was really good.

Godfather- I just want you to whack him!

Hitman- Whack him! Im not playing with his penis...

Godfather- Oh common! Okay Ill put it simple. I want you to kill him, you know shoot him in the head, poison his drink, stab him with a knife or relatively sharp object. I dont care how you do it just kill him, K . I . L . L. him

Hit man - Oh kill him, yea sure Ill kill him.

Godfather- Yes ? ca-peach

Hit man- Yes I would love a peach.

Godfather- No ca-peach, you know ca-prenday, are you on the right track, get it got it good?

Hit man- Standing there puzzled

Godfather- DO...YOU...UN...DER...STAND

Hit man- Yea, everything...except your last couple of sentences.

Godfather- Get out!, idiot you stupid... just get out! Leave!

Godfather gets on the phone with his friend and starts talking in same Mafia slang, and guy on phone doesnt understand either.


James Rogers