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James and Adam met in late 1999 at Sisler High School's grade 10 drama class. They remained rather silent to each other until one day during an improv James rolled into Adam's legs knocking him down. Feeling bad for what he did James took Adam to a movie (Adam was really hoping it wasn't a date or something), then they began hanging around together in school. Back in drama class, they were working together like they've know each other for years, and also producing some of the best work of the class. By the next year in grade 11 ADam and James had many sketches written, but no troupe to perform with. In a split grade 11/12 drama class They got the roles for Pyramus and Thisby for "Shakespeare In a Nutshell". When performed for the school they stole the show. For the next year things were dead, Adam and James were still close friends but creatively they were doing different things. They decided to get back together but not to look for a third addition to their troupe. They recorded mp3s to put on the net until they were ready to put on a show. In the mean time they worked on a Fringe show with three other people, and wrote more material to be put up on

On March 8th, 2003 the Boiling Brain Pot did their first live show entitled "Dislocated Brain" with a pretty good turnout of about 97 people. Their second show "Full Frontal Lobotomy" was on July 12th 2003 at the Colin Jackson Studio, where they performed some of their most abstract humor before a small crowd of about 60 people. On Nov 1st 2003, Adam and James put on the first ever Hemmoraging Halloween Hoopla show. This was their biggest show to date, with the help of press coverage, and story on a local television station they performed to their biggest crowd. Only to be beaten by their "Brain Stem" show in which they sold out the Colin Jackson Studio on March 6th 2004. "Brain Stem" marked over 40 sketches performed live by the Boiling Brain Pot, in only one year.

In July of 2004 they did their first fringe show "The Adventures of Clifford and Bernard: Quest for the ID". The play got rave reviews from CBC and was well recieved by most of the audiences. They play displayed the group's love for absurdity, character acting, and slapstick. A week and a half later they would venture to Minneapolis for their 10 day fringe festival. This first trip to the U.S. showed the boys that maybe the fringe circuit isn't quite for them. Staying in one city for over a week, doing 5 shows, performing to 20 people a night wasn't as apealing as doing one show on one night infront of 100 people. Most of the reviews they got were bad, and even resentful. Perhaps the American (parody based) market wasn't quite ready for the morbid absurdism, and possible homosexuality of the Boiling Brain Pot.

On March 4th 2005 The Boiling Brain Pot did their first ever all music show at the ZOO, where they were pelted not only with cheers from their kick ass fans, but also pelted by ice from some ZOO Trash, what a night

Fringe 2005, saw the Boiling Brain Pot with its regular line up of Mike Campbell, Adam Johnstone, and James Rogers doing a 90min sketch epic filled with songs and rock and roll. The show was called "Cerebral Vortex", the critics were hesitant to see the uniqueness of it, but the audience ate it up, either that or they walked out. This would mark a turning point for the BBP, who knows whats next...?