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"FEED THE HATE" 08/29/02


Vigoramity performed it's first show August 29/02, and even though this was his first show, as an audience member, there was nothing amatuaer about it. Adam Johnstone (Mandais); the brainchild who single handedly created Vigoramity; shows awesome stage presence, and musical talent that is forever broadening.  The rich vibrance of his performance, almost weighed even with the many layers heard in his unique musical critique.  There was everything from him ripping the pages out of a book while singing Carnal Sport, to him wearing a bloodstained apron and licking a styrophome head with the word adulterer written on it's forehead; which is related to the material expressed in the lyrics of Stainded Dress.  Most of the stage visuals were related to song content.  The layers of his performance balanced the many layers of his music.  He did somthing very gutsy that you would not catch most acts touching, he joined in the 4 man mosh pit during Equation separated his shoulder, got up and keeped playing.  His stage presence was so strong that you would not believe this was his first live show.  A Vigoramity show is definently a show not to be missed, even if you are not into the music, Adam's stage thatrices are enough to pull in and entertain any audience member.  Fan or critic, at the end of his performance you would agree.
Sheena Shand

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