March 13th
"HAUNTED DREAMS" is the title of our next promo single, which will be sent out to university radio stations in Canada, and possibly the U.S. very soon. go to to listen to 3 of the 5 songs.

December 30th
We have finaly sent our album "Glass Roses" out to record labels, ten record lables to be exact. Most of them being in the States and Eurpoe, only one in our native Canada. Now i suppose we play the waiting game, and keep working on our live show.

Wish us luck.

October 4th
Wanna see Vigoramity live? Well first we need a live guitarist. If anyone knows of anyone who would like to play guitar for Vigoramity feel free to tell them to contact us via the "email" section on this site. As you may have guessed all the songs are already written, and the guitarist will not have to write anything, just play pre written riffs. Hope you can help.

September 15th
Our latest promo single "MAGIC" is now officaily available online, and soon will be sent out to university radio stations, and given to friends and such. Go to the "waves" section of this site for listening links of all the songs, from two of our mp3 sites. Enjoy.

August 3rd
We finaly have some pictures up for your viewing and drooling pleasure.

Click here to see them

July 15th
Now the entire "Show you Show me" single is available for download at just type vigoramity into the artist search.

July 2nd
Last night was Canada Day, and "Show you, Show me" debuted at the Die Maschine cabaret with a good response. I wasn't there myself but apparently there was a good reaction to the song and it was able to keep a few people on the dance floor. Thanks to Zlatan for playing the song. Zlatan also says he's going to keeping playing it and pushing the track.

June 14th
Show you, Show me 4.5" single is all recorded and ready to go. mp3's are up at and hard copies will be available soon. "Meg" is now Vigoramity's new vocalist.

April 4th:
Vocals for "Too Pieces" are done, we recorded the vocals for "Show you, Show me" as well but they have to be re-done because they are not harsh enough. And the song "Rise of Fame " will not be on the sinlge, but rather and instrumental called "Mind Race"

March 21st:
We begin recording vocals for the first "Glass Roses" single, "Show You, Show Me" this week end. It will have four songs on it including a track from the unreleased "Andromida" album, and a cover of a song by Yazoo