The Boiling Brain Pot


Man: Oh my god!!!!! (picks up phone)

Dan: Hello, Kill Em Dead Exterminators, Dan speaking

Man: Theres a beautiful woman in my bed, get the hell over here quick!!

Dan: A beautiful woman? Okay now settle down, I need you to answer a few questions before we come rushing over okay?

Man: Quickly, go a head!

Dan: Is the beautiful woman in your bed your wife?

Man: No!

Dan: Did you pay for her?

Man: oh god no!

Dan: Did you invite her into your house and into your bed in any way?

Man: No not at all!

Dan: Looks like we got a class five beautiful woman in bed case. Now listen to me, do not go near the beautiful woman. If she approaches you, retreat to the highest point of the house that you can. If you choose the kitchen counter, or an other flat surface DO NOT lay down on it, understood?

Man: Yes

Dan: Now do you have any protection/defence/home weapons

Man: I got a condom

Dan: Good, use it only if you have to but lets prey it wont come to that, well be over as soon as possible.

Man: Great, thanks allot! (hangs up) What the hell do I do if she comes out of the room? Ill go check if shes still thereHoly shit! Shes naked now! Damn these stupid temptations! What is shes a lesbian, then I have nothing to worry about Ill go ask her is shes a lesbian!.. Excuse me miss, are you a lesbian Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, no! please no!!!!!!

Sirens are heard a knock at the door, then the door is kicked down

Dan: Alright, wheres the beautiful woman!Hello?! Oh my god! What have you done to him! Are you alright sir! Sir please leave the room so that a can fumigate Sir! Damn, hes been infected! Sir I will have to fumigate with you inside the room! (Take out a walkie talkie) Dan to home base, the occupant of the house has been taken host to the beautiful woman, It looks like I will have to fumigate with both of them inside the room, Over and out. (take out a shotgun, sound of shotgun firing twice) Fumigation has been successful!